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About Me


I am a 32 year old Finnish Blogger And Youtuber with science and art background. I love to spend my free time renovating my home, playing and going on long walks with my dog. I love sci-fi and fantasy literature and series.

My Skills

  • Blogger
  • Youtuber
  • Technical Writer
  • Analytical skills

More About Me

I have studied chemistry but have always been interested in web development. I was 10 years old when I made my first Blog. While I was studying in the university I took computer science as my minor subject and was introduced to programming. During my studies I was an active member in student associations and became responsible for all kinds of tasks and projects including being a web master, Blogging. That and my previous interest as a Blogger and Youtuber spark to turn my hobby into a career. I took my first steps towards my new career in January 2017.

I'm highly energetic and motivated person and I love to work as a member or a leader of a team. I especially enjoy working with changing projects and taking them forward with rapid pace but high precision. I am talkative and sociable but also known for getting "in the zone" while concentrating on detailed work like programming or designing.

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