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Front Mission: November 30 release date for the remake

Front Mission 1st

Publisher Forever Entertainment and developer MegaPixel Studio have announced that FRONT MISSION 1ST: REMAKE will be made available for the Switch via the Nintendo eShop on November 30 for $34.99 / €34.99. On November 16, preorders will be available with a 10% discount.

Forever Entertainment provides the following synopsis of the game:

FIRST MISSION: The remake is returning with current methods and improved visuals! The fate of Huffman Island is in your hands as you pick a side and join the war field armed with a Wanzer. 

The game has a brand-new game mode as well as changes to the mechanics and gameplay.

Complete reorchestration of the illustrious soundtrack.

Available is the original soundtrack.

The world's wars are handled by enormous war robots known as Wanzers in the year 2090. Conflict is rife on Huffman Island, the lone land border between the Unified Continental States (UCS) and the Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU).

Front Mission is the legendary tactical Japanese RPG, now finally available globally. It has hundreds of characters to get to know, a mature plot, and non-Manichean protagonists.

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